About the Author

Elan Wasabara prides himself on being a true native New Yorker. Born and raised in this great city, he’s seen the best and the worst it has to offer. Making him, a proud member of the most resilient people in the world.

Guapo and Wasabara

His history and background allowed him to capture the very essence of what makes us special and how he found ways to convey that message to his readers. An avid fan of literature, music and art, he takes on the most difficult challenges of translating everyday realities into his writing hoping that his readers will not just read, but feel and understand the struggles and successes of others. Elan Wasabara has won the Reader’s Favorite Five Star Award for his non-fiction book Wasabara Brothers in Arms. .

Elan attended classes in several schools and universities and began independent studies in information technology and education. He began teaching at colleges and private corporations when he eventually stepped out of the classroom to work as a senior consultant for several prestigious companies. He then completed a series of engineering certifications and has earned honorary credentials issued by Fortune 500 companies. Elan owned a successful small business consulting firm for over ten years before moving on to his real passion. Creative writing.

In his spare time, Elan participates in several support groups for families impacted by an unfair prison system, and supporting animal rescue organizations throughout the city. Known to his closest friends as a person who always lends a helping hand, Elan today now spends more quality time with his loving wife,  and his faithful companion, Guapo.